Slowly I’ll take
this town that we’ve made
unpave all the roads
let the paint fade
Remove all the bricks
and set them aside
leaving the bones
with nothing inside
A skeleton form
for the earth to reclaim
A mark, once, of love
now barely a grave
may this ruin be
the fingerprint of of my love
for a little as possible.


Flutters your sunlight
from mountains to river banks
with the radiance of a thousand drums.
All that was left in darkness,
now aglow with your light.
Above this I stand, watching
as you wash the world
with your unfaltering brilliance.
Where your presence meets the edge
and absorbs everything, I too
await my turn.
It is in your grace I see
that holiness is made
in the likeness of man;
that it too is reveling in you
waiting to glimpse the joy
through the pathways of your eyes.
May this be the fingerprint of my love
until my skin is old and tethered
and all my traces are woven
into yours, indistinguishable
by the laws that govern us.

The silence is humming a tune in my ear.
It’s staying away, and answering clear
what signals are left – it’s trying to show
that nothing is what I thought of it before.
The waves in the air
are suddenly clear
my radio signal is off, and I’m here.
I tune into space where I’ve never been;
where the urge in my itch,
is to scratch from within
but better I know, and little I see
the lessons I learn, they still carry me
into the arms of a fray, and a fall
at the edge of a cliff
at the end of a crawl
the tunnels I dig are on the wrong side
from freedom I stir, where no one would hide
and I take these strange truths
and I hold them in fear
in the silence, they scream
and still, I can’t hear.

Signals (Reading)

As I lay down my words
I break down the walls
beneath all the paint
and the sheetrock
there stand the beams of our hope
They’re tired and weary
of the crumbling ground
Rusting and swaying slowly
i know they’ll fall down
Between them now stands
an emptiness still
I can walk through it
and yet not feel a thing
except for the vastness
that now disappears
and all the foundations I laid
all this time
replaced with just fear
Suddenly words just fall
but don’t make a sound
the home they belong in
no longer around
So I lay down my words
Into the wind
may they be carried away
far from all that I feel
A broken nest
is no nest at all
one by one the roof tiles
are starting to fall

I erase myself,
bit by bit
starting with the old socks
that no longer fit
and moving on to the kitchen chairs
on which we used to sit
and following the pens you bought me
because they’ve run out of ink

A web of lights,
fluorescent and incandescent
with your many screens
I crawl your tunnels
despite the many ways out.
In awe of all the arrangements
floor tiles and escalators
I hear the footsteps
of the great men who walked here
but mostly the rustle of the rest of us.
Your round ceilings cradle me
and I just want to get lost
in your maze
and breathe your speed
and vastness.
Why I enjoy your swallowing
of my imagination in your concrete stomach
I do not know
but I’d like to travel
nowhere all day.

How much loss
can one sustain
before they become a black hole?
Turned inside out
the socks lay bundled
on the cold wooden floor.
When all the will
and all the wind
is knocked out and there is nowhere to go
the cradling darkness
of the deep abyss
seems like the brightest light of all.
So today a drink
tomorrow many more
until all that is left of you
is a shadow of a woman
the shadow of a black crow
so flat and distorted
that no one would ever know
you were once a swan
now tarnished, hollow
and alone.